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  1. Problem: Video does not show up.
    If no video shows up, you will likely see a button link to download Adobe Flash player. If you’re using a computer in your workplace, your systems administrator may need to be involved to download and install new software or plug-ins. If you do not see the button, click here to download the Flash Player .
  2. Problem: Video quality is low or fuzzy.
    Open Display settings from the Control Panel. Click on the Settings tab—under the Color Quality, choose Highest. You may have to restart you computer.
  3. Problem: Video is choppy or skipping.
    Becky’ video message is streaming from a media web server. It is targeted for networks that have bandwidths of 400kbps or more. This means your Internet connection needs to be DSL quality or better. If you are in your workplace, Internet traffic can significantly slow down bandwidth. Try viewing the video during low traffic periods such as very early morning (before 8am) or late evening (after 7pm).

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