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Follow the instructions below to complete the digital engagement tasks. You can complete the tasks on your own Internet-connected device or at the Digital Activist Center.

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Create your NEA Activist Account, because as Hillary Clinton says, “We need a president who will fight for strong public schools in every zip code and every community across the country.”

Provide input on NEA’s Strategic Plan and Budget, Federal Legislation, and Resolutions by viewing the pre-Summit webinar online at and following up on your ideas with the committee chairs.

Join forces with teachers, education support professionals, and community members online to improve student success. Exchange ideas and resources, create innovative materials and tools, join webinars, and learn from others who share your commitment to public schools and a student-centered education agenda.

Continue your digital activism in support of the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the new federal education law governing public education.

Download and install the NEA Today magazine app on your tablet device. The app is available for iOS and Android-powered devices.

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Learn more about NEA’s political action committee, the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education.

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Every American deserves a fair shot at higher education. Raise your hand and voice for college affordability at Degrees Not Debt.

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